Saturday, October 24, 2009

Say Thank You Even When You Don't Feel Like It

Anxiety and depression can make you feel worthless and empty. The toll it takes on your life will often have you asking, "why me?" or "what's the point?" At times like these, all you want is to be left alone. You're tired of explaining to people the way this disease makes you feel--people who won't understand anyway.

Hold up a sec!

As bad as anxiety and depression can make you feel, it's important to remember that the people who care about you are hurting too. The helpless feeling you feel is no greater than the helplessness felt by those who care about you, who despite their very best efforts, are unable to help ease your suffering. In your pain this is often hard to remember, but I urge you to reflect on this daily.

It wasn't until I emerged from my illness that I fully realized the sacrifice made by those close to me. While I finally thanked them for their efforts, it should have been something I did years before.

Selfishness is an ugly side effect of this illness, causing the best of people to retreat inward and close off all contact with friends and family. This may feel right at the time, but one day, when the suffering has ebbed, you are going to regret this course of action. Please, please, please thank those close to you for their intentions and continue to let them in, if not for your sake than for theirs. Later you'll be glad you did.