Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Anxiety and Meditation

In my ongoing struggle with anxiety, I tried many different techniques attempting to diminish the effect the symptoms had on my everyday life. Unfortunately for me, meditation is a treatment option I learned fairly late, but I am, nonetheless, glad I discovered it.

I won't pretend to be an expert at the art of the meditation because I am not. For all the "how to" info I'll provide a link, but I do want to give testament to its effectiveness. Meditation helped clear all the clutter I was carrying around, and taught me how to live in the moment, accepting life and my experiences within it, rather than obsessing on the past and worrying unnecessarily about the future. It helped me to be okay with who I am, and that was a relief.

If you haven't yet tried meditation, I urge you to give it a try. Follow the link at the bottom for instructions.



Kelly said...

What you say is so true! Depression runs in my family, and I was concerned with taking medication due to side effects. I believe meditation is certainly a healthy alternative for *some* people. I hope you check out my blog; I have an entry regarding the new use of meditation as medication. Sending much love ~k

Tomas said...

Your words spread the truth of light. Thank you for the sahring of that information.
Personally I was literally returned to life due meditation.
Meditation is the most powerful medicine to deal with many disorders. And there are lots of ways to meditate. I am not competent to discus various technicues, yet I am in an awe towards just fabulous life that we enter due meditation. Meditation has many names; prayer is one of them.

kenwooi said...

never tried meditation before.. but it seems to be very relaxing.. needs lots of patience too! =)


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