Saturday, July 11, 2009

Alcohol: An Anxiety No-No

For a while, at the height of my battle with anxiety, alcohol became both my best friend and worst enemy. No medication I was prescribed seemed to produce the same short-term calming effect that I got from alcohol. It soon became the first option I turned to for upsetting anxiety symptoms, and for a while I thought I had discovered a miracle treatment. As my disorder progressed, however, it became evident that my consumption was causing more problems than it was addressing.

Alcohol, a controlled depressant, can certainly help to ease symptoms for a bit, but sooner or later you have to sober up, and that is where the problem begins to get scary. In the mornings, after a night of drinking, my anxiety became almost unbearable. I was shaky, uneasy and confused. The treatment that had seemingly worked so great the night before, had worn off, and the anxiety had actually worsened.

So you'll never guess what I did. Yep, I started drinking again, desperate for the same results. This became a vicious cycle that would lead me to the brink of physical, mental and emotional disaster. The symptoms of my anxiety continued to spin out of control and my alcohol intake rose to dangerous levels. Naturally I became hopeless, desperate and miserable.

I realize firsthand how frightening anxiety can be. People suffering will try almost anything to get relief, but alcohol, despite its initial assistance, is definitely not the answer. If you feel like alcohol is beginning to cause a problem with your anxiety and your life in general, I strongly urge you to get help. I finally broke the cycle and I am happy I did. My anxiety is now fairly under control and has not bothered me for quite some time.

This is not a permanent condition. Try not to let fear lead you into destructive behavior. Keep fighting the "good fight" and eventually your symptoms will subside.

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