Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Best Anxiety Book I Have Ever Found

I do a lot of reading, it helps relax me. There is one book, however, that I find to be superior in its soothing quality--The Holy Bible.

Now I'm certainly not trying to force religion, of any sort, onto people who'd rather not hear it, and I apologize beforehand if this suggestion offends anyone. But I don't think this book recommendation is necessarily religious, nor do I think I'm violating any code in the "polite blogger's handbook." This is just another post to let readers know what has helped me in my battle with depression and anxiety, and I would feel guilty for not passing this information along if I thought it could help even one person.

The Bible is much more than a pious symbol of my faith. It is a handbook for living that always seems to say just what I need to hear every time I pick it up. I'll admit, after the first couple of times, I thought it might just be a fluke--a coincidence of sorts--that this book seemed to be speaking directly to my problem or situation. After a while though, I was a believer (pardon the pun). This book was dead-on every single time. When I was anxious, it calmed me, and that was no small task.

I won't go on and on about this, but I'll be satisfied and sleep better knowing I passed this information along to you. This blog wouldn't be completely honest if I only posted articles that I knew would be accepted by everyone, in fact, it would probably be blank. Take some time and make up your own mind.


Jill said...

As a fellow believer, I love your suggestion! It is no coincidence that the passages you need jump out at you. That's part of the joy of reading God's Holy Word! The Bible truly is a guide for a healthy and joyous life.

Jules said...

I'm also a believer, and I have a son who has dealt with panic attacks over his deadly peanut allergy! The only thing that got him (and me) through these attacks was the word of God and the Holy Spirit! Thanks for your courage to stand up for the truth!

Elizabeth Barrette said...

There's actually a term called "bibliomancy" for divination by opening a book at random. Other books besides the Bible can be used, including ones made especially for the purpose. But the Bible is generally recognized as the best; it can be astoundingly precise. (I'm not Christian myself, but I've seen this done with impressive accuracy.) So that's some outside confirmation of your experience.

For people who aren't comfortable with Christianity, some good substitutes include a "Book of Days" for a culture you like, or a books of "world prayers."

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