Friday, July 31, 2009

Two Sleep Tips For Those With General Anxiety Disorder

For those living with General Anxiety Disorder, sometimes called GAD, sleep problems can be an unwelcome companion. Difficulty falling asleep, and staying asleep, are so common that many turn to unhealthy habits, trying to get a sufficient amount of winks. Many turn to alcohol or other depressants to help "knock them out," a dangerous tactic that causes many more problems down the road.

So what to do when that much needed sleep refuses to come easily? According to doctors, there are two habits that are essential to practice, habits that you can begin today with very little effort.

1. Wake up at the same time everyday.

Right now, you may not be able to control what time you fall asleep, but you can certainly have a hand in what time you wake up. Choose a time early enough to complete all you need to do in the day, and stick with it. Waking up at the same time is the first step in resetting your body's clock.

2. Don't go to bed until you're tired.

Lying awake in bed, tossing and turning, actually only adds to your sleep problems. Staying up the extra hour or so will help you to fall asleep naturally. Although the first few days may be a bit rough, your new scheduled wake up time, will gradually allow you to tire earlier, and you'll begin getting the rest you need.

Alcohol, caffeine and sleeping pills are a dangerous form of temporary relief and could make your anxiety worse.

Remember, according to doctors, 8 hours of sleep is not a hard and fast rule. Practice the two rules above, eat right and get plenty of exercise and your body will begin to regulate itself. This is going to seem difficult at first, but don't abandon the plan. Give it some time.


How do you sleep said...

After tiring day, everyone would like to just sleep. But sometimes because of stress and tensions, we don't get good sleep. There are some plants and herbs which helps to reduce stress and tension like for example, mango, lemon and lavender helps to reduce stress, linalool helps to ease strain and anxiety.

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